#9 When it comes to consistency in language learning, simplicity matters

May 17, 2021
Unless you’re a billionaire (or whatever -naire) that have money raining down on you like a tropical rainstorm, you have to hustle.

And that daily hustling (not to mention other daily commitments you have) can eat up a big chunk of your waking hours. How can you design a language learning plan that seamlessly fits into your busy lifestyle? How can you have a language learning plan THAT ACTUALLY WORKS in the long term? 

If you’ve ever troubled by this, just dive into today’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • why having an overly elaborate language learning plan is the surefire way for failure
  • what is the single action you can take for a language learning plan to work
  • 3 elements for a successful language learning plan that you can actually stick to

After this episode, I’d like you to design your own language learning plan based on what I share with you today and see how far you can go this time around!

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[00:00:00] So let's face it. We all have a life, a family, a day job, a boyfriend, a girlfriend. It's hard to stay on track while having to take care of all the daily commitments we have. So it's definitely an art to try to integrate your language learning schedule into your crazy daily life. It seems impossible, but actually doable. But exactly how can he do that? What's the secret behind all that? That's where you're about to find out in this episode. So stay tuned. 


[00:00:33] Hi, I'm That Language Guy. I'm a language nerd with over two decades of language learning experience under my belt. I've also been working in a language service industry for nearly 20 years. After my decade long career as a translator and language instructor, I want to create a community of language aficionados like you. That's why I created this podcast, The Language DriveThru, where I provide you with weekly dose of language learning advice and bite-sized chunks. So if you're passionate about language learning, you're in the right place. Now sit tight and get ready for a weekly language learning delight right here in the Language DriveThru. 


[00:01:17] Hey, there language nerd. Welcome to the Language DriveThru. I'm That Language Guy. If you have haven't already, subscribe to our podcast channel so you can get a fresh dose of language learning advice every Tuesday. 


[00:01:32] Curious, are you a plan person or are you a go with the flow type of person? I think I'm definitely a plan person, but I've noticed people like me often get too carried away and come up with an overly elaborate plan where it gets into the nitty gritty. Overly elaborate plans leave very few wiggle room for emergency and emergencies do happen. When they do, they often throw my language learning plan off course. From my experience, success lies in sustainability and sustainability lies in simplicity. So if the plan is too complicated, it creates in a resistance and you end up with lots of lots of excuses and then you end up doing nothing at all. What's worse, when life throws you a curveball, overly elaborate plan often fail because they can't catch up with reality. So whenever I make a plan for my language study, I always ask myself: is the plan simple enough? Is it intuitive enough and is it hazard-free? I also ask myself whether my plan is flexible enough to deal with any uncertainties or any emergencies that may happen in the future. 


[00:02:53] When it comes to consistency, you need a bait, a bait that makes you want to do it. Otherwise, however well thought out your language learning plan is, if you don't execute it, it won't take you anywhere. So now I'm going to provide you with some concrete examples and guidelines when you need to create your own language study plan. 


[00:03:15] So first you want to have a weekly plan instead of a daily plan. Having a weekly plan leaves you with some wiggle room. If you're busy on a particular day of the week, you can rearrange your language learning schedule to some other days of the week. So then you won't feel overwhelmed if you have a daily plan. That means you have to finish everything as planned, no matter what happens during that day, and you will feel differently demoralized when you fail to do so on a particularly busy day. So a weekly plan can leave some room for emergencies so you won't be thrown off course. 


[00:03:54] And second, your plan must be simple and straightforward. So instead of aiming at completing 11 different chapters of seven different books, aim for three chapters of two books instead. Trust me, the more straightforward your language learning plan is, the more incentive you have to actually execute it and the more likely you're going to succeed in whatever you aim to achieve. 


[00:04:23] And number three, I want you to set up an ambitious goal to motivate you, but I also want you to have a minimum standard in place so you will feel disheartened when you fail to achieve your ambitious goal. Having a minimum standard can also serve as a bait, because when you think you only have to finish two pages per day, you actually end up finishing five or even more. 


[00:04:49] Now, over to you. When it comes to language learning, are you into having an elaborate plan or do you prefer going with the flow? Share with us in a common down below. So did you like this episode? If you do, rate it and share it so more people can get to listen to it. And don't forget to come on over to my website, thatlanguageguy.com, and subscribe to my email list, where you would get a weekly dose of language learning ideas and occasional heart to heart in your inbox. That's thatlanguageguy.com. And that's it for this episode of the Language DriveThru, I'll catch you next time.

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